Breville VTT548 Vista Polished Stainless Steel : Bread & Butter Toaster

This is a standard sized two slice toaster in polished stainless steel finish. It is light in weight and has a variable width bread slot with an extra high lift feature on the loading handle. It has four buttons for the following functions, – frozen bread, reheat , cancel and browning control. The browning control is wide ranged from 1 to 9. It also has a crumb tray which can be pulled out and emptied. It is quite compact and the polished stainless steel looks good on the counter top and does the job well. Interesting it has been dubbed ‘turn on your creativity beacuse free recipes are available on their creativity website.

Is your preference for shiny things?. Like most modern toasters, it’s best to lay the bread on its side. The central panel is highly polished stainless steel, while the two ends are plain. This does mean that it picks up finger prints really easily. In use, this toasts evenly and quite fast. The controls are simple to use. Just add your preferred bread related product, select the correct setting and cook.

Attractive and it doesn’t drip when pouring.

Kettle is fine but not very clear to see water amount through window as it is behind the handle.

  • It’s a kettle – it boils water and pours well. What more do you need?
  • Great after having to boil it in bicarbonate of soda
  • Bread & Butter Toaster

Breville VTT548 Vista Polished Stainless Steel, 2 Slice Toaster

  • Illuminated control buttons for easy function identification
  • High lift facility means smaller slices can be removed easily without burning fingers
  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Defrost, reheat, and mid cycle functions
  • Polished stainless steel finish

Only thing is to toast on the right side 2 slots you have to be toasting or have enanabled the power on the left two slots.

This toaster looks rather sleek with a polished steel finish and black base/dials. It can toast two slices of bread or two other baked goods such as crumpets, breakfast muffins or pitta bread at one time. There are nine heat settings to suit all tastes from barely toasted to burnt, and all the variations between. If you like your toast ‘well done’ but do not want to set off the smoke alarm you should make sure you are familiar with the position of the cancel button. The toaster can also toast bread based goods from frozen and reheat toast if you forget about it/do not like it cold. There is a removable crumb tray which is easy to remove and clean. The instructions indicate that you should place bread vertically in the toaster. Unfortunately (as with every other toaster that i have owned and probably because of the type of bread that i use) this means that a small margin at the top of the bread does not quite fit into the toaster and comes out almost exactly as it went in. Attempts to place the bread sideways into the toaster is tricky as the bread that i use does not quite fit and usually ends up a bit squashed. Despite this issue (which i suspect is an issue with most toasters) the breville vista collection toaster produces crisp, golden toast.

Fits the purpose and looks niceplastic finishings not high standingmetallic surface gets extremely hot (no insulation) – be careful with burning.

This is the second breville toaster we have had over the years, the first expiring last year after over a dozen years of hard service. Our initial impression is that this little toaster will be equally as good. Toasters are not design icons but this just looks right, a simple well made design with a highly polished finish. The controls are easy to use and on its maximum heat setting, it really gets hot. It has the usual frozen bread facility plus re-heat and the processes can be cancelled mid-phase if necessary. The end product, toast, is produced quickly, well browned according to the setting you have chosen. The toast springs up high enough for you to be able to extract it without burning your hands, even when using quite small loaves and the crumb catching tray beneath is easy to pull out and clean. We chose another well known brand of toaster to replace our earlier breville and have been disappointed. In terms of performance and build quality, it’s not a patch on the vtt548 vista 2 which is, in our opinion, excellent value for money.

This is an attractive looking toaster with brushed steel sides and gloss finish front and back. It has the expected range of controls for “doneness”, frozen bead setting, easy lift lever, crumb tray etc. It browned our toast evenly, but was not quite long enough for tall slices, we had to turn them around half way to get top and bottom toasted evenly. There is no rack option for toasting items such as muffins on the top, though the slots are wide enough to take failrly thick slices.

Fast delivery – lovely product.

I’ve tested one or two toasters over the years, and this compares very well. In fact, it is my favourite so far. It is neat in shape and attractive in appearance with its glossy livery on the sides and top and a satin finish on either end. The controls – mid-cycle (stop part way through), reheat and defrost – are all in black with clearly illustrated white detail, making them easy to see. The “plunger” has a good, firm action and also has the high lift function enabling hot toast to be removed easily. The crumb tray is easy to remove. What i particularly like is the browning control which is not only clearly marked in white but has a greater range of settings than most toasters. The control knob is firm and each setting has a definite “click”making it so easy to select your perfect browning setting. I love lightly toasted bagels and have finally found a setting which toasts them exactly as i want them – slightly crunchy on the outside but still soft and chewy inside. Seeded toast is crisp but not hard at setting 5. The point is, you’re able to fine tune this toaster. Longer slices of bread, alas, have to be turned in order to toast both ends, and large pittas either cut in half or turned – for me, personally, this isn’t a problem as the bread i use fits in perfectly. Others may find it a nuisance. It has been my experience, whilst testing toasters, that most of them do fail in this area.

Am really happy with this toaster. Has a sleek design and the controls are clear and simple to use with some useful features. You can warm up, defrost and interrupt cycle (see picture). The browning of toast is controlled by a clearly marked dial that clicks as you turn. Useful for visually impaired. The slots are wide able to take more than just toast. (see picture) crumpets & muffins etc. Toast comes out piping hot and you can use leaver to lift up slightly more to get it out easy. I really can’t find any faults.

Happy with kettle and delivery.

I looked through loads of reviews before i bought a new kettle, as my old one had succumbed to limescale damage, and it’s like a mind field. I gave up reading some of the comments and realised that i’m buying a kettle, not a brand new car. It boils water in a reasonable amount of time and it pours well. So on that basis, i give 5 stars. If you’re looking for anything more than this from a kettle, it probably hasn’t been invented yet.

Great after having to boil it in bicarbonate of soda to get rid of plastic taste the kettle was leaving. Not as noisy as my last kettle.

Nice kettle at a good price. Looks very good, easy to fill. A little noisy perhaps but boils quickly.

What a great toaster this breville vista 2 slice edition is. In polished stainless steel with black lever and dial. As it is a regular 2 slot design it is wonderful for common loaves, crumpets, tea cakes and many others, but is not definitely made for issues like pittas or huge slices of bloomer. The variable width slot is terrific for my doorstep sized slices, and the the raise up operate suggests that i will not melt away my fingers hoping to retrieve a crumpet or muffin. The manage dial has a nice tactile come to feel to it, and the regulate buttons are illuminated. There is a handy slide out crumb tray, and the outdoors of the toaster stays great to the touch. Makes awesome toast also, even straight from the freezer.

Appears to be like good, toasts rapidly sufficient, easy to use. Not positive what extra i can say about it, but it is anything you want in a toaster.

This toaster seems to be excellent and toasts effectively, giving a great even toast on equally sides of the bread. The controls are uncomplicated and the browning management has plenty of variability. The loading manage doubles as a lifting take care of, so that smaller things can be lifted out of the toaster without the need of burned fingers. The defrost handle simply provides a little bit of time to the usual toasting system, but it is effective quite properly. Having said that, there are a few of downsides that prevent me from providing this much more than a lukewarm advice. To begin with, the packaging is the most wasteful i have viewed on any electrical solution for years – tons of unwanted plastic baggage (even just one for the instruction leaflet) and a single of these terrible, moulded polystyrene careers that will nonetheless be polluting the planet and destroying the oceans very long immediately after the toaster has gone off to appliance heaven. Then you can find the concern of measurement. The toaster has a big footprint, a lot more substantial than the ancient swan toaster it truly is changing. However, it only normally takes the incredibly smallest dimension of bread, compared with the swan which took the standard huge slices. So, 20 years on, and still style and design seems to have absent backwards.

Arrived when mentioned, superior high-quality and very well priced.

Pretty quick to boil, a pleasant finish but i discover it rather noisy.

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Breville VTT548 Vista Polished Stainless Steel, 2 Slice Toaster
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